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What differentiates an average athlete from a World Champion?

The Difference by Tyson Durfey

logosWalk with us through our breakdown of what it takes to have “Champion DNA”, featuring Tyson Durfey, 2016 NFR World Champion.

“You know, every day of my life adversity has chased me down; and you see for me, I’ve learned to expect adversity. I’ve learned to accept it into my daily life. Every single day I wake up and I know there are going to be hard times but the difference between me and the other people is that I’ve learned to confront adversity. I’ve learned how to get past adversity; and now on the other side looking back, I’m thankful that I learned that trait.”

Those words resonated deeply with us, and probably to any of those that have watched Tyson execute his dreams or known him as a person. In our video “The Difference” we aim to deliver inspiration to all of the rodeo athletes out there. These words, spoken steadily by Tyson, discuss four principles:


Corral Would Like to Introduce The Van Lears

As part of our journey with the Van Lears, we were given an opportunity to sit down and dive deeper into, not only the music, but also the life and journey of Trey and Andrew. We had a chance to find out all the nitty gritty details that make them who they are as people, as artists, and how the Van Lears came to be.

When asked “At what age did you know you wanted to play music?” The guys responded with “We were born into it, it’s in our blood.”