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Shaft height Toe type Heel height Material
13' Snip Toe 2 1/2 ' Cowhide
Size: 5
Color: Navy Blue
Width: M
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Size: 5
Color: Navy Blue
Width: M

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General care

At the end of the day, wipe off any loose dust, dirt, or foreign debris. It is abrasive to all types of leather, failure to properly clean the soles, heels, or stitching will eventually cause the leather to weaken causing splits or cracks to occur ruining the overall appearance of the boot. Use a very soft brush or a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt, and debris from crevices, stitching, heels, shaft, vamp, and soles. You may use a slightly damp sponge to remove heavy mud on caked areas where mud has dried. Do not use solvents, gasoline, household, or industrial cleaners to try and remove stains. Do not soak or wash the boots in heavy running water. Remove any excess water as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth and allow to air dry. Do not leave your boots in front of a fireplace, stove, oven, or direct sun, or use a hair dryer to dry. Not doing so could result in mold, discoloration, or premature deterioration of the leather or skin.

Apply conditioner with a soft cloth or use your fingers, rubbing the conditioner over your boot in a circular motion. You should not use large amounts of conditioner, soak or glob areas of the boot with the conditioner. The skin can only absorb a certain amount before it becomes saturated, oily, or sticky. Wipe away any excess conditioner with a soft, clean, dry cloth. 

Boot creams come in many different colors as well as neutral for hard-to-match colors and may contain conditioning agents as well. Apply with a soft cloth or your fingers, using thin layers and multiple applications allowing the boots to absorb the boot cream. This provides a fresh new look and prevents the leather from drying out. You may also want to use boot cream around the edges of the sole and heel to restore worn or scuffed areas. Boot cream or polish is not recommended for scaled boots such as rattlesnake or python.  

When boots become scratched or scuffed from normal wear, there are a few things you can do to make the scratch or scuffed area less noticeable. Use a wax or cream polish in a color that is as close as possible to the damaged area. Using a soft cloth, apply thin layers of the wax or cream polish, after the wax/cream has dried, brush or wipe away any excess wax/ cream and repeat these steps until you match the damaged area, as close as possible, to the rest of the boot. If boots have become stiff or dried out, you may try leather saddle soap to restore the leather. However, using saddle soap regularly may dull or remove the manufacturer´s designed finish.

To store your boots, we recommend the use of boot trees to retain the shape of the shaft and integrity of the last. When not wearing your boots, store them in a cool, dry place, out of direct sun or direct exposure to heating vents. Boots should be conditioned/ polished three to four times a year whether they are worn or simply being stored. Do not store your boots if they are damp, or wet.



Being a relatively durable skin may be cared for much the same way as earlier discussed in basic care.


Alligator, Crocodile, Eel, and Lizard

If at all possible, try not to wear exotic skin boots in extremely wet weather conditions, stand or walk in water, or mud. Keep your boots free of dust, dirt, and debris. Apply a light boot conditioner each week when being worn often. If you store your boots for an extended period, it is recommended that you condition them about 3-4 times a year at least. 


Rattlesnake, Python, Cobra and Other Snakes

Boots with scales require a different kind of care. Always wipe with the grain, never against it. From time to time, you may want to use a reptile spray foam cleaner and conditioner on your boots, to lift dirt or debris from the scales, wiping away any remaining residue with a soft cloth.


Distressed Leather

                Do not use wax or cream polish on this type of leather. To keep your boots looking as they were designed, use a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dust or debris. If you want a little more luster on this type of finish, try applying a neutral color boot cream and buffing it out with a soft brush.



Requires a little extra care to keep clean and remain soft and supple. Use a suede brush to clean everyday dirt, dust, or loose debris from boots. Do not wear suede boots in the rain, sleet, or snow. Should your boots become wet or damp, use a dry terry cloth towel and allow the boots to dry at room temperature. Do not Place boots near a fireplace, stove, or other heat sources. Once the suede has dried, use a suede brush, or dry terry cloth to gently rub the suede back and forth to raise the nap. Do not use any harsh cleaning solvents

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Festive, fun, and beautiful. With its fun fringe and studded details, with the deep navy blue color, you can confidently wear it to any event.

Whether you are going to the lake, a barbecue, or a rodeo these boots are great for a holiday or all year round. The 13-inch dark navy blue and killer white star shaft with fringes and studs make this a style to swoon over.

This is a style you can wear all day without worrying about getting tired. It features; sturdy pull-on straps and an elegant snip toe. The smooth inside leather lining, cushioned leather insole, leather outer sole with a rubber heel cap, and 3-inch stacked heel, scream comfort.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
A.C. (Montgomery, US)
You get much more than you pay for with these.

I bought my boots a year ago in April. I love them and I wear them regularly. The fit is perfect. They are extremely comfortable. The craftsmanship is top shelf. They paid for themselves in compliments the first time I wore them. Just last week when leaving Sam's Club a woman hollered across the parking lot and asked me who made my boots. The sound of the fringe when I walk makes me smile. These boots are truly made for walking and I will own them for many years to come.

Madden Karen (Marion, US)

These books are so gorgeous!! The pictures just don't do them justice!! They fit perfect!!!

W.M.M. (Colbert, US)

have had these boots for over two years and every time I wear them I get compliments! and they are so comfy.

Daynna Coffey Ardamica (Richland, US)

I’ve been eyeing these boots for two years and finally did it!! I’m SO happy I did- they’re beautiful and I absolutely love everything about them ♥️🇺🇸♥️

Sherre Pott (Charlotte, US)

I own numerous boots several of which are Corral. I am known for wearing boots. I have purchased Corral's selecting for their styling & craftsmanship before looking to even see the brand. That speaks volumes. Their fit, comfort, head turning, & compliments are all a constant. My most recent pair was purchased online. I had always purchased from a local retailer who knows my likes notifying me whenever a new shipment arrives. Often these turn out to be Corral's which does not surprise either of us. This last pair could not be obtained as quickly as I needed to my want for a trip. Upon their suggestion to order directly I did. They arrived quickly just as stated & I was thrilled! It was seamless & I was so grateful! They fit perfectly so in my suitcase for flight they went. I noticed something not detected in my hurry. They immediately issued a return label. Upon their receiving it was acknowledged replacing right away! These arrived 3 days earlier than the eta. So thankful & excited to have such a wonderful experience with online ordering! I absolutely Love these boots! I Love All of my boots! Every pair of my Corral's are admired & complimented to their WOW factor. I have worn the last 2 pairs brand spanking new for many hours straight with complete comfort which is notable for any footwear right from the box. I am a Fan! Styling flair, great fit, customer service although only needed once, quality product for a Gal who wears boots, I have never been disappointed. I am one who selects what I want not batting an eye so if anyone has not checked out Corral's I am here to tell you you should! I have been wearing boots for 30 years. My first Corral's were over 10 years ago at least & they still turn heads & wear as perfectly as when I purchased them. Even when I travel I always take several pairs not to mention the ones I'm wearing. Thank you for excellent prompt customer service & for a brand I have no qualms about recommending. When I look at all the boots I own & take a count at how many are Corral's that says a lot about them. I basically have learned to look at theirs first & already know the next pair I want! While I have not been an online shopper, if my retailer does not have I am completely comfortable ordering online & I will. Thank you Corral for producing boots that have me written all over them! To their customer service team from beginning of my order to completion, seamless, flawless, & truly dedicated. Awesome in all the ways... Corral boots.

Patricia Hadfield (Menomonee Falls, US)

Beautiful boots!!!! Fit perfect!!! Lots of compliments from coworkers, strangers, friends and family!!!!

Martha (Philadelphia, US)
Boots 3749- Americana

Beautiful red, white and blue fringed boots!!! Comfortable as they are gorgeous!!

Melvin Santiago (Perkasie, US)