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Alyssa Claiborne 

Alyssa, from Salt Lake City, Utah; is a spirited young woman whose heart belongs to the great outdoors. From a young age, her passion for horses ignited a lifelong love affair with riding. Whether she's loping through open fields or gracefully navigating obstacle courses in the arena, the connection between Alyssa and her horses is undeniable.

But Alyssa's adventurous spirit doesn't end there. She's equally at home hiking through rugged trails, skiing rock faces, and spending time on Long Island shores. The wilderness is her playground, and she embraces every opportunity to
immerse herself in its beauty.

When she's not exploring the natural world, Alyssa can be found teaching others the joys of outdoor living through trail guiding. Her infectious enthusiasm inspires those around her to embrace a life of adventure and appreciation for the wonders of nature.



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