We are so happy you have a Gift-Certificate for a new pair of Corral Boots. 


You will find here some important information regarding how to redeem gift certificate. Please read carefully. 

     1. Choose how to activate your code:

A) By emailing a visible picture of your gift certificate to

B) Sending a visible picture of your gift certificate by Facebook Messenger 

C) Uploading a visible picture of your gift certificate trough our website chat. 

  1. Choose your boots
  2. Make sure you are entering your certificate number in the prompted box during checkout
    ** This is what gets you your max value reward
  3. Fill out all required fields throughout checkout to ensure a smooth and easy process
  4. Share your adventures and tag us using #mycorralboots #corralboots

Important Notes:

* Certificates can only be redeemed for boots listed under the Corral Boots website.

* Gift certificate is for a max value of $250.00 – any price difference for any product over this amount must be paid by the consumer.

* If the boot is under $250, Corral Boots Co., will only credit the cost of the boot. Any amount left will not be redeemable nor can it be applied to another pair of boots.

* Certificate only applies in the USA.

* Gift certificates have no monetary value, cannot be redeemed for cash.

* Customer service will only apply for exchanges. No refunds for boots redeemed trough Gift Certificates. 

* Certificate is valid through December 31st  2022. Certificates are not valid past this date. If you are issued a certificate with an expired issue date, please contact customer service at the email provided below and include:

• Date received
• Certificate number
• Certificate date issued

• For any questions or concerns regarding availability, or redemption, please contact customer service at:


b) Facebook Messenger 

c) Our website chat

We will be more than happy to help you. 

Thank You

Corral Boots