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  • The handcrafting process is one with multiple steps, detailed layers, specifically honed skill sets and dynamic precision in execution. The result is deliverance of an end product that is truly distinct and exceptional. Since our establishment in 1999 Corral has been using age old craftsmanship techniques to create handmade boots of incomparable quality and iconic style. In every step of our boot making process, we rely on human hands, machines, and the highest caliber artisan techniques to construct a product that sets the new standard for grace and elegance.

  • A die is a metal object used to cut the leather of a boot. Each die is distinct in size and novelty based on boot size, construction, and design. A steel-rule die is critical for refining the elegance of our boots. Before the die is ever placed near the leather the cutting department searches for a matching set of skins. This process can be quite extensive, sometimes taking days for just one pair of boots. This is extremely important because it directly effects how well the pair will couple together. Once they get the leather grain perfectly aligned and matched, the bootmakers then use a machine that applies on average at least 20 pounds of pressure directly on the die and leather in order to create an exact cut with no fraying. Think about a giant cookie cutter using a machine to apply the pressure to cut out the leather.


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